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Academic year: 
Cognomi A-L
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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS
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Year of study: 
Second semester



Course description

Thanks to the knowledge of the economic and financial policies of the
past, the course aims to provide students with the theoretical tools
necessary for a better understanding of present-day economies and for
the identification of possible future scenarios.
Knowledge and understanding
Student has to be able to analyze the process of modern growth in a
long-term perspective, the evolution of banking and financial systems,
the industrial development and the evolution of regional differences in
Italy. Besides, student has to be able to analyze the economies of the
Mediterranean area and the role of energy in economic growth.
Applying knowledge and understanding
Student has to demonstrate that he has understood the factors of
economic growth and developmental gaps in a historical-economic
Making judgments
Student has to be able to critically analyze the current Italian and
international economic scenario taking into account the causes of
modern growth and the effects of past economic and financial policies.
Student has to be able to answer the written test questions correctly and
Lifelong learning skills
Student has to demonstrate that he has understood the factors that have
influenced the economic and financial development in the long run and
he has to apply the acquired knowledge also to the analysis of particular
case studies that will be addressed during the course.




General part
-Growth and economic development (1 ECTS-8 hours lectures)
-Evolution of banking and credit systems (2 ECTS-16 hours lectures)
-Monetary and fiscal policies (1 ECTS-8 hours lectures)
-Industrial development (2 ECTS-16 hours lectures)
-Economic divide between Northern and Southern Italy (1 ECTS-8 hours
Special part (24 hours lectures)
-Economic divide in the Mediterranean area (1 ECTS-8 hours lectures)
-Energy and economic growth in the Mediterranean countries (1 ECTS-8
hours lectures)

The course aims to analyze both the Italian and international economy in
a long-term perspective. The analysis refers to the main economic and
financial variables, institutional changes and economic, financial and
fiscal policies implemented across various historical phases. Particular
attention is given to the economies of the Mediterranean area, the
economic divide between countries of the Mediterranean region, and the
role played by energy sources in ensuring the growth and stability of the
region itself.

Teaching Methods

The course structure features in-person lectures. Further teaching
support (i.e. lecture slides and extra course material) will be made
available on Moodle.


General Part
-BARTOLETTO S., GAROFALO A., Il ruolo del credito nell'economia italiana
Mondadori Università, 2014.
Slides on moodle (e-learning) website
Special Part
-BARTOLETTO S., Energia e crescita economica nei paesi del
Mediterraneo, Bruno Mondadori, 2016.
Foreign students can alternatively study other English texts provided by
the lecturer, related to the topics covered during the course.

Learning assessment

Students are required to participate in class discussions. The final exam
is a written assessment, based on both open-ended and multiple-choice
questions. Final grades will be awarded by taking into account:
-attendance, class participation
-in itinere tests
-final examination

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  • Study course ECONOMIA E COMMERCIO - Training course in PERCORSO COMUNE
  • Study course ECONOMIA E COMMERCIO - Training course in PERCORSO COMUNE
  • Study course ECONOMIA E COMMERCIO - Training course in PERCORSO COMUNE