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Course of Master's Degree Programme on PUBLIC MANAGEMENT
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First Semester
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Course description

The systemic spread of corruptive practices is a
factor that adversely affects not only the
functionality of the whole PA, but even the country's
economic growth. The purpose of the teaching is to
provide students with all the knowledge necessary to
spread a "culture of legality" in public offices, as a
necessary prerequisite for the reduction or
elimination of unfaithful conduct in the PA. To this
end, the teaching consists of two coordinated
modules, which aim to provide students with an
interdisciplinary approach that combines the
necessary knowledge of anti-corruption legislation -
which includes both criminal and administrative
instruments – with the relevant knowledge of the
organizational processes in public structures that are
functional to the containment and elimination of
possible situations of conflict and to the simultaneous
spread of a correct behavioural culture of public




1. Public bribery: sociological, criminological and normative aspects; 2. Criminal repression:
origin and evolution of the system of crimes against P.A .; 3. The 2012 reform and the new anti-corruption
strategies, between internal needs and supranational obligations; 4. The current legal system: corruption
for the exercise of the function; 5. Corruption by unlawful act; 6. Bribery and indebted induction; 7. Selling
influence; 8. The administrative discipline for prevention of bribery.

Teaching concerns the juridical discipline of the principal crimes of the official public against the Public Administration. Part of the program is also devoted to the analysis of further elements of knowledge of such crimes , and specifically of their sociological and criminological aspects

Teaching Methods



- Fiandaca-Musco, Diritto Penale, Parte speciale, vol.
1, ult. Ed., 2012, pp. 155-167; 218-239; update
N.B. updating material will be identified with respect
to the topics discussed (articles, diagrams and
concept maps, commented judgments).

Learning assessment

The acquisition of expected learning outcomes is
verified by completing a written test consisting of six
open questions of 5 points each. The time available is
about one hour. In addition to the written test,
students can also take an optional oral exam. Part of
the final evaluation can be the evaluation of group

More information

Lectures are in Italian. Anyway the professor is available to interact with student in English, also during the examination


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