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Course of Master's Degree Programme on SPORT SCIENCES AND MANAGEMENT
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First Semester
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Course description

- Understand the importance and role of communication;
- identify the different elements that determine effective communication and the various communication models;
- distinguish between due, desired and derived information flows.
- Know the stages and content of balance sheet analysisbudget analysis.
- Evaluate and analyze the impact of communication on the processes of forming the reputation, identity and image on the network of the sports company.



T1. The communication process;
2. The positioning of stakeholders .
3. The characteristics of the message, the receiver, the transmitter, and the medium.
4. Meaning formation and the receiver's cognitive repertoire..
5. The content of the message: the informational and emotional characteristics;
6. The centrality of communication and public relations. Wanted, due and derived communication
7. Analysis of the various media and their evolution over time
8. Integrated communication
9. Production and self-production of contents
10. Digital communication and reputational values
11. WEB monitoring and communication virality
12. The processes of reputation, identity and image formation.
13. ITC and integrated communication
14. Communication and social media

The course covers the analysis of communication processes, the importance of relations with different media (also considering the most recent evolutions of the same) in the sports industry and the characteristics of the digital economy. Ample space is also dedicated to the relationship between the web and the processes of reputation formation, with the relative need to monitor the main communication channels.

Teaching Methods

Frontal lessons and possible exercises and use of audiovisual material. In ottemepranza to the enforced dispositions the lessons avverrano distributed in DAD using MS Team


Text: I. G.Di Stefano, Il sistema della comunicazioni economico finanziarie nella realtà aziendale moderna, Milano, Giuffrè, 1990 (CAp. 4,5,6). II. G.Di Stefano, Il bilancio di esercizio: logiche economico aziendali e aspetti giuridico formali. Il Borghetto, 2008 (L'interpretazione del bilancio di esercizio pag. 137-155). In addition to the
text, object of the program are the slides regarding the lessons and eventual material distributed in photocopy.
(Material by the teacher, downloadable from the course site on MsTeams access code:

Learning assessment

Multiple-choice test, possibly followed by an oral exam. In accordance with the recent provisions the final test will be carried out using MS Team and Moodle.

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