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Second semester
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Course description

The course aims to transmit to the student various knowledge and skills, the actual acquisition of which will be verified during the examination. In particular:

Knowledge and understanding: the student must demonstrate knowledge and ability to understand the problems related to the management and entrepreneurial policies of the digital enterprise. In addition, you must show advanced knowledge on international service management and an adequate understanding of the issues related to the design and implementation of digital innovation.

Ability to apply knowledge and understanding: The student must demonstrate to be able to design and implement strategic digital management processes. Furthermore, the student must develop the ability to identify new business opportunities in the digital world.

Autonomy of judgment: The student must be able to independently evaluate digital management processes and to indicate the main methodologies relevant to their correct planning, implementation and control. Furthermore, he must be able to independently trace information sources, develop an analytical ability to read and interpret phenomena in digital business, develop a capacity for collecting, reading and interpreting the information necessary to analyze the competitive behavior of digital companies.

Communication skills: The student must have the ability to explain, correctly using the specific advanced technical vocabulary, the main themes and topics related to digital management. Furthermore, the student must acquire the ability to present their analyzes and the results achieved in public.

Learning skills: The student must be able to continuously update himself, by consulting relevant texts and publications on the main teaching topics. In addition, the student will be stimulated in applying knowledge to concrete cases of digital management and, finally, will develop the ability to select the tools useful for solving specific problems and developing specific analyzes relating to digital management.


Students need to know basic knowledge and principles of “General Management” and “Digital Marketing”.



Unit I: Introduction to the course (6 hours)
Unit II: Current trends in digital management (20 hours)
Unit III: New strategic approaches and business models in the digital economy (20 hours)
Unit IV: Applications of digital management strategies across industries (20 hours)
Unit V: Conclusions of the course (6 hours)

Teaching Methods

The course will be organized in frontal lectures and in-class exercises. To encourage learning, students are invited to view the material on the e-learning platform. Theoretical arguments will be supported by the presentation of case studies and by corporate testimonials. Frontal lessons will be supported by slides but also by video footage. The analytical approaches are illustrated based on planning problems in practice and their understanding is deepened with case studies, simulations, etc. Moreover, specific problems in applying these approaches within digital management practice are examined


Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, 16th Edition
Kenneth C. Laudon, Jane P. Laudon, 2020, Pearson (only ch. 1, 2, 3, 10, 12, 14, 15)

More resources will be communicated at the begin of the course.

Learning assessment

All students will undertake a test examination, articulated in a written test consisting of open questions on the topics of the program, and an oral exam.
The written assignment consists of 8 "closed" MCQs questions and 2 open questions on the topics of the program. The MCQs seven questions will be awarded with 2 or 3 points score, depending on the question complexity. The open question will be awarded (at maximum) with 5 points score. The test will last 50 minutes.
The oral exam can only be accessed by those who have at least received a written evaluation of 18. Oral examination is compulsory.
The vote in 30/30 will be the result of the two tests.

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