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Course of 5-year Single Cycle Master's Degree Programme on LAW
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Dott.ssa MAZZINA Paola
Second semester
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Course description

Through the examination of the main legal institutes of the Federal and Regional State forms, the course aims to offer a wider perspective of all legal institutions of Regional autonomy, the evolution of the form of Federal State and the experience of European Union.
Expected learning results:
Knowledge and understanding skills:
Students will need to acquire knowledge
and understanding of norms, institutions and
the functioning of different forms of state.
They will need to be able to understand the
theoretical and applicative elements
inherent in the Regional and Federal system
as well as to rebuild constitutional institutions
based on systematic and critical
understanding of acquired knowledge.
- Ability to apply knowledge and
Students will develop the ability to interpret
and apply the rules on public law.
Attending students will be subjected to
specific case studies concerning Federal
and Regional systems in order to develop
their understanding and concrete
application of acquired knowledge.
- Autonomy of judgment
The Constitutional Law Teaching student
develops interpretive and casual analysis
skills. He is able to qualify legal relationships
so that he can identify and represent
Federal and Regional models.
- Communicative Skills
The student of Constitutional Law is required to
develop the capacity to describe and deepen
the legal issues related to the relationship
between citizens and public authorities and
within the public sphere. Students will need to
develop articulated and organic exposures of
acquired elements and ability to argue for the
positions they sustain.
- Learning ability
Attending students will be urged to confront
with the analysis of current and concrete
issues so as to enable comparison and
verification of acquired skills. The teacher
will thus be able to intervene on the possible
gaps and the methodological problems
encountered during the lessons.



• The constitutive elements of the State: sovereignty, people, territory. (hours 12)
• Forms of State. (hours 10)
• Regions and local autonomies: Italy (hours 40) and Spain (hours 10).

Teaching Methods



A. D`Atena, Diritto regionale, Torino, Giappichelli, ultima edizione.
S. Staiano, Art. 5, Roma, Carocci, 2017.

Learning assessment

Oral examination.

More information

Per integrazioni di 3-4-5 cfu il programma è il seguente:
1) R. Bifulco, Le Regioni. Un bilancio, Bologna, ult. edizione;
2) S. Staiano, Art. 5, Roma, Carocci, 2017.