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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING
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Course description

The general objective of the course is to acquire an understanding of the modern power suppliers and sensors for different applications . Learning outcomes (according to the Dublin descriptors):
#1 Knowledge and understanding: The course is aimed to acquire the methodologies for knowledge, understanding and analysis of poer suppliers and sensors devices.
#2 Applying knowledge and understanding: Those skills will be stimulated and improved though both theoretical and applicative lectures.
#3 Making judgements: The course should provide the capability to understand and to analyse sensing devices as well as power suppliers.
#4 Communication skills: Students will improve technical language by classroom and laboratory theoretical lessons.
#5 Learning skills: Analysis of complex problems will let the student improving its comprehension skills by describing each complex problem using a scientific methodology.


circuit theory, principles of physics


Introduction to the course and presentation of the topics covered. Introduction to controlled and unregulated electronic
power supply, rectifiers and DC / DC converters. Power electronic components. Ideal models and real components. Introduction to switching converters. CCM and DCM buck converter. Boost converter and buck-boost converter. Single-phase inverter with impressed voltage. Introduction to sensors: Definitions and classification of sensors. Main physical effects of electric sensors: resistance variations, capacitance and inductance, piezoelectric and pyroelectric effect, Hall effect, Seebeck effect and Peltier effect. Introduction to optoelectronic sensors.

Teaching Methods


- Elettronica di potenza: convertitori e applicazioni, Hoepli, 2005 (edizione italiana di Power Electronics 3° edizione, Mohan Ned; Undeland Tore M.; Robbins William P.);
- Jacob Fraden, Handbook of Modern Sensors: Physics, Designs, and Applications, 4th ed., Springer 2010

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