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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on ECONOMIA E MANAGEMENT
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Second semester
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Course description

The course aims to provide an in-depth study on subjects of major practical relevance with particular regard to some of typical institutes of the firm and of capital companies.


Having passed Private Law and Public Law exams


he course content will be divided into several lesson blocks:
I block (8 hours - 1 CFU):
The company and entrepreneur. Business organization. The organization of the management function and the entrepreneur's auxiliaries. Accounting. Legal advertising. Unfair competition and antitrust law. Industrial property (intellectual property; distinctive signs). Intercompany cooperation organizations- Temporary associations and business clusters. The network contract. Debt securities (general concepts and classifications; bank check; bill of exchange; bills of exchange; representative securities). Securities. Payment instruments.
Block II (8 hours - 1 CFU):
The business crisis. The system of insolvency procedures. Judicial liquidation: assumptions, organs, effects; ascertaining the liabilities and the rights of others on assets; the liquidation and distribution of assets; the closure and reopening of the procedure. The negotiated solutions to the business crisis: the arrangement with creditors; restructuring agreements. The regulation of failures of significant general interest: compulsory administrative liquidation; insolvency procedures for extraordinary administration. The over-indebtedness crisis.
III block (24 hours - 3 CFU):
The companies: introductory notions. The types of companies. Partnerships. The joint stock company. The limited partnership limited by shares. The limited liability company. Cooperative companies. The dissolution, liquidation and extinction of joint stock companies. The social books. The budgets. The accounting control function.
4th block (8 hours - 1 CFU):
Extraordinary operations: transformation; merger; demerger. Control and liaison reports. Mutual holdings. The "groups" of companies. The joint cooperative groups.

The subject of the course is the study of corporate law, the main organizational and banking contracts, debt securities, insolvency procedures as well as a knowledge of the main corporate law institutes.

Teaching Methods

Lessons and seminars.


Cian (eds), Manuale di diritto commerciale, volume unico, 4th edition, Giappichelli, Torino, 2021.

Learning assessment

The attainment of the training objectives is ensured by an oral interview, aimed at verifying the acquisition of the competences covered by the program. The test aims to verify the understanding of the fundamental notions of enterprise, company and bankruptcy law.

More information

The reference text is integrated with additional material available on the reserved area. Students may ask for further explanations to the teacher by writing to the email address carlo.limatola@uniparthenope.it